Partners in                                                                    Music, Dance and Creativity


Productions                        Theatre Group

MHM is a family run Theatre Group based in Whickham. The group is open to 6-11 year olds. MHM theatre Group provides a space where children can have a taster of music, drama and dance as well as highlighting the strengths that they come with. The aim is to encourage your child to grow as an individual while gaining skills in performing arts. They will develop and increase their self confidence while having fun!




ARTventurers                          Newcastle

& Gateshead

ARTventures run colourful, creative (often messy) art, craft and creative play sessions for babies, toddlers & children during the week in Newcastle & Gateshead as well as holiday classes, workshops & fantastic creative parties too!

Join us for tons of painting, crafts, modelling & messy play in our themed sessions every Wednesday morning in St Marys Centre, Whickham. Suitable for 6 months to 5yrs. We provide a safe environment for you and your little one to begin their love of art.


Community Music Whickham & Swalwell

Is a registered charity in the heart of Tyneside set up with the aim of providing music tuition and appreciation for all. They teach a variety of instruments including violin, viola, cello, guitar and viol.  They can provide music theory lessons and assessments (grades). CMWS have a number of ensembles and orchestra groups and organise regular recitals. Their aim is to facilitate personal and group participation in music making in the community, music enjoyment and appreciation with students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and to provide public concerts and recitals. 



Creative Dance

This exciting group looks to innovate, create and inspire children in dance. There are four age bands: 'My Baby can Dance' 1-3 plus, dance to aid your baby's development. 'Creative Tots' Ages 4-6 who explore music and movement and develop basic routines using a variety of music and dance styles. Creative Kids Ages 7-11is a class that allows children to learn different routines taken from popular chart music, films & TV. Creative Teens 12-16 is an energetic class drawing inspiration from different  dance styles such as street, contemporary, jazz and many more. This class increases fitness, dance technique and builds strength and  choreographic skills.


Community Flowers

The Guild provide high quality displays at very reasonable prices for weddings, funerals and occasionally to the public via our fairs and events. They possess great skill and passion, which is clearly seen in their displays. The Guild endeavour to create beautiful displays for your special event; and are presently planning a Summer Flower Festival and Community Show for 2018. The guild are always looking to teach and train up new members to pass on their art for the future. They provide the very best of blooms sourced through local suppliers.