Partnership for Missional Church

Hi all, our PMC team attended the latest ‘cluster group’ meeting in the middle of June. We found it informative. It generated allsorts of questions for us as a team, and about our missional life in the parish. We reviewed our work to date and looked ahead to what is coming. So here is a little update.

Firstly, we are continuing to explore and implement ‘Dwelling in the Word’ which we will hope to diffuse throughout our committees and church. This will take sometime. When you encounter it, it may seem a little different ... but go with it. The aim is to listen to God and his message for us through the Bible passage. Please have a read of the attached notes which explain the practise.
Following on with the theme of ‘listening’ a big thank you to the twenty two people who took part in the PMC interviews. This was a way for us to ‘listen’ and note the views of people regarding church life. From this we hope to discover important questions about where God may want us to be working. The information has now been collated and you’ll hear more about the questions it raises over the next few months. 

Similarly, we are having a ‘Timeline Event’ on Sunday 30 June after the 9.30am service of Admitting Children to Holy Communion. After church, the event will be held in the Centre... there will be cake, refreshments and good company as we ask you to note significant times in the church history. Times when you smiled and laughed, perhaps felt saddness or pain, and also those times of joy and hope. All will be explained... make sure you come along to both church and the event!

We are also compling a ‘demographic’ of our parish to see if we can discover new information or perhaps new places God is calling us to work in.

In all of this the PMC team kindly request your support and prayers as we continue to seek to know what exciting opportunities God might have in store for the parish.

If you have questions around any of the above, or if you want to be part of the PMC team...  then just ask Barry. 

Please find below a PPT for the first part of the process. Listening

SMDT & PMC & Listening.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1.9 MB