Holy Communion Easter 7

Holy Communion for the 7th Sunday of Easter and incorporating the theme of Jesus' Ascension. As usual, we invite you to join us for worship. There is music, hymns, readings and a homily by Jill, all framed with pictures. Thanks to all who took part. 

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Ascension Day Service

 A short service of the Word for Ascension Day (16 mins). The service incorporates scripture, reflection, prayer and music. Thank you to all who helped create our worship.

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The Eucharist for Easter 6 with Taize music & Celtic influences

Welcome to St Mary's website service of Holy communion. Our worship is framed with Taize Music and influenced by the Celtic Christian tradition designed to draw us closely together, united in the Body of Christ. Our preacher is the Revd Peter Waterhouse, Barry is the celebrant and we have many others helping to lead our worship... thanks to you all.

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Prayer: growing in God and Faith

'Spirituality' is that part of a person which seeks to know and experience Jesus; and through which discipleship is nourished and developed. In this unprecedented time of churches being closed for public worship, our sustained prayer life is all the more essential. On this page you will find resources to help and encourage to pray and deepen faith. More resources of varying styles will be added over time.

Virtual Prayer Room

Thank you to Doreen Stoneman and all at Holy Trinity Church, Swalwell for sharing their ‘Virtual Prayer Room’. In previous years, and leading up to Pentecost, they’ve hosted the deanery in a 24/7 Prayer Room at Swalwell. Well, not daunted by lockdown they have created something special in their virtual alternative. Please step in, look around, see what you find!

With the closure of churches, Peter and I will continue to celebrate Holy Communion on a Sunday but each from our own homes, which is now allowed by the Church in these difficult times. Each week at 10am one of us will celebrate the Eucharist at home whilst the other (in their home) will read through the liturgy knowing that the other is celebrating. Whilst being physically apart, it feels very much a spiritual communion.

When I first officiated on my own in my front room, I was eastward facing toward the church. The table became the Altar and the empty chairs (at least in my mind) represented all of you and the people of the parish. I thought you might like to see how it looked. The ring of little angels surrounded a lit candle, and just above them and to the left on the wall, is a picture of the church, reminding us that our trust is placed wisely in God.

From our archive: 

Short Musical Reflections for the Week

Use these short musical/visual reflections as a frame for your prayers over the week. Based on the journey of Holy Week they focus our minds on the self giving love of Jesus. 

Music by MIchael Grave, pictures by Barry. Please click on the links below


Monday https://youtu.be/F-i4w7q7Vi8


Tuesday https://youtu.be/fD_mUbzUmqk


Wednesday https://youtu.be/OdaOyrRAETQ


Thursday https://youtu.be/FtqcxOqB2Is


Friday https://youtu.be/1dVyouIuysI


Saturday https://youtu.be/YD53lvxqtSg


Prayer throughout the Day: never be alone

There is a long tradition in the Church of praying at fixed times during the day. Using prayers at morning, evening and night underpins spiritual growth in Jesus and an awareness of his presence, and that he is always with us. Make time for God during your day. Simply follow the link of your choice and then scroll down through the service, reading both the minister's part and the responses at your own pace.


With the ongoing risks of  'coronavirus' we are unable to join together publicly in our churches. However, we can come together spiritually each day, by setting aside 6pm each day when to say Evening Prayer... wherever we might be! It is my hope by doing this we will retain that wonderful sense corporate worship and prayer.


Morning Prayer


Evening Prayer


Night Prayer


The Prayer Chain: let us help carry your prayer

Prayer is a powerful help and comfort in both good and difficult times. Here at St Mary's we have a Prayer Chain to receive requests for prayers. People might ask us to pray for themselves, their friends, relatives or for a given situation. This could be for people with an immediate need of prayer in times of crisis or trouble. The members, or links in the chain, will, one by one, bring your prayer requests to the forefront of their prayers to God. Any calls for prayer are treated in the strictest of confidence. If you would like the Prayer Chain to offer up prayers on your behalf, please contact Joan Smith 0191 420 1238.

A Devotion: Follow in the Footsteps of Christ (adapted artwork by Barry)
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