Staying in contact with God

Within the Church it might be helpful to consider'spirituality' as that 'part' of a person which seeks to know and experience Jesus; and through which discipleship is nourished and developed.


As Christians develop deeper spiritual lives they journey more closely with Christ and are changed by the experience. Christian spirituality relates to the inner life and devotional practices which foster and sustain a growing relationship with Jesus. Here we offer some ways that may help you develop your own spirituality. Want to explore more? Please contact our Rector, Barry 


Prayer Chain

May we pray for you or with you? Prayer is a powerful help and comfort in both good and difficult times. Here at St Mary's we have a Prayer Chain to receive requests for prayers. People might ask us to pray for themselves, their friends, relatives or for a given situation. This could be for people with an immediate need of prayer in times of crisis or trouble. The members, or links in the chain, will, one by one, bring your prayer requests to the forefront of their prayers to God. Any calls for prayer are treated in the strictest of confidence. If you would like the Prayer Chain to offer up prayers on your behalf, please contact Joan Smith 0191 420 1238.


Creative Faith

Explore and share God's Word through creative projects. Join with others in exploring your faith as you work on crafts connected with biblical  themes. Being creative can open us up to learn more about  ourselves and God through prayerful activity and reflection. We look forward to seeing you soon. Contact our parish Office 0191 488 1553 for more details. All materials are free and refreshments are available. Each session lasts about two hours.



Prayer throughout the Day

There is a long tradition in the Church of praying at fixed times during the day. Using prayers at morning, evening and night underpins spiritual growth in Jesus and an awareness of his presence, and that he is always with us. Make time for God during your day. Simply follow the link of your choice and then scroll down through the service, reading both the minister's part and the responses at your own pace.


 Morning Prayer               Evening Prayer             Night Prayer