Considering marriage? We offer weddings at St Mary’s Church and Gibside Chapel. Both are beautiful and have shaped the history of the landscape. Either could be the perfect setting for your big day. Check out our Weddings page.

Our usual pattern of worship

Mothers Union's next meeting is Monday 11th February 1.30pm beginning in the Church. The speaker will be Maureen Nevit and she will speak about an organisation called Bread & Books for Africa, which aims to provide books to aid learning for disadvantaged children in that country. Come along and be inspired and see how God reaches out to bless everyone. And just in case you think you have to be a member or a mother, you don't... the meeting is open to all! See you there, Barry


Boxing Day Dip, Tynemouth 2018

The sun shone brightly against the blue sky as our intrepid adventurers arrived at the beach. There was a defiant and determined attitude tinged with nervousness as the they turned and looked toward the sea. Was this really a good idea? Warm cuppa's strengthened resolve. Participants were called to order by the North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards. They were given the health and safety speech and led to the waters edge. A cold wind blew across the beach, or was it just the chilling touch of fear? A life guard's whistle blew; and in they went! Despite the bright morning the sea was as cold as ever! See Photos below, and a short 3 second video of Barry trying out a 'full immersion' technique; and also view a short downloadable film. And a big thank you to Brian for getting us in 'The Chronicle'... some people just stand out in a crowd. Thank you for your sponsorship. With your help we have raised funds for Oxfam, the North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards and St Mary's. We'll let you know the final amount in due course, currently its standing at  £900. You can still donate and add to the fund raising; please click here for details.


Boxing Day Dip 2018 Tynemouth
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OXFAM were thrilled to receive £200 from the Boxing Day Dip. So pleased, in fact, they immediately bought 8 Goats for families living in poverty in Afghanistan. Oxfam is helping poor families to build a better life by providing them with goats for breeding. This in turn helps them generate  income by which hard working families can take charge of their lives and change them for the better. Hard working mum, Kobra, from the Daykundi Province is struggling with the effects of poverty, but thanks to the special gift of a goat she now has three young goats, which in turn will produce more milk and subsequently more income to help fix her semi-built home and send her children to school. Well done 'Dippers & sponsors', well done 'Oxfam'.

 If you still have questions check out our contact details or visit us at the St Mary's Centre, Church Chare, Whickham, NE16 4SH Mon - Fri 9am - 12noon. There are good car parks situated behind the Front Street shops with several paths connecting to both Front Street and Church Chare. The distance should be no more than a 5 minute walk. Please note the car parks operate on a Pay & Display basis and depending on the time of day a small charge may be required.


St Mary’s Church is a CoE parish within the Diocese of Durham. We are here for all the people of Whickham in a variety of ways. We are of the community, for the good of the community. We have been at the heart of Whickham for nine hundred years. We believe our Christian Faith offers hope for the world. Here you will find out who we are and what we do. As followers of Jesus we are committed to sharing our faith that all might find abundant life in Jesus Christ.

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