Sea Sunday & the Mission to Seafarers: 'The Big Knitting Challenge!' Imagine getting on a ship in summer in the Philippines, dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Soon you yourself are transiting freezing Arctic waters with only your overalls to keep you warm. Seafarers often set out on new contracts not knowing where their ship will end up or travel through, and they may need to stock up on warm clothes to see them through some of the chillier parts of the globe. Mission to seafarers are always grateful for gifts of warm knitted items which our chaplains can pass on to seafarers in need. Lets see how many woolly hats/Mufflers/Balaclava etc. we can make to be sent off by mid October. The Patterns can be downloaded from the PDF file below; all completed clothes can be brought to church or left at the Parish Office. Good Luck!

Knitting Patterns.pdf
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