Our usual pattern of worship 

We want to tell the Easter Story to as many people as possible. To celebrate and bring attention to the Resurrection of Jesus we are 'releasing' into the community a flock of Easter Chicks. Each chick will carry an invite to its 'finder' to come and join the worship at any church in Whickham. But we need your help and involvement. Please start knitting. Be as creative as you like. Make your chicks stand out in a crowd. They can be as individual and unique as you like. Bring them to church where we look after them until their release into the village. See the Pattern below.

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Introduction to Shared Ministry Development Teams
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St Mary’s Church is a CoE parish within the Diocese of Durham. We are here for all the people of Whickham in a variety of ways. We are of the community, for the good of the community. We have been at the heart of Whickham for nine hundred years. We believe our Christian Faith offers hope for the world. Here you will find out who we are and what we do. As followers of Jesus we are committed to sharing our faith that all might find abundant life.

If you still have questions check out our contact details or visit us at the St Mary's Centre, Church Chare, Whickham,  NE16 4SH Mon - Fri 9am - 12noon. There are good car parks situated behind the Front Street shops with several paths connecting to both Front Street and Church Chare. The distance should be no more than a 5 minute walk. Please note the car parks operate on a Pay & Display basis and depending on the time of day a small charge may be required.