Diocesan Year of Pilgrmage

Hi everyone we hope you are well, and doing ok? Presently we are trying to contact all our members by telephone just to allow us to share our stories, needs and prayers... we hope to speak to you soon. You may recall that as part of the Year of Pilgrimage we were taking part in various activities from Boxing Day Dip to Cathedral events and walks. However as you know, apart from the 'dip', such things were put on hold. One of our local events we'd planned was to 'beat’ the parish boundaries of Whickham, taking in Swalwell too. Well, Jill and I thought we could perhaps do this on our cycles as part of our daily exercise routine. So following the guide lines, maintaining social distancing we rode our bikes around the roads of the parish boundaries, stopping briefly at points to pray for the people and places we passed. The last prayer we made was outside Holy Trinity Church in Swalwell... then we went straight home. See the route below, distance was 10.6 miles. Take care, be safe, keep praying Barry & Jill.

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A Message of Hope from Messy Church

 Messy Church are working hard to keep us all positive during the present situation.


One of our young members Asia Pearson, has shared these lovely paintings of a Tulip and Dolphin.  I'm sure Asia's pictures will help cheer us up as she reminds us 'we will 'get through this' and to 'have high hopes' She is 'thinking of us' and holding us 'in her heart and mind' and signs off with 'lots of love xx'. Mia, sister to Asia, has just finished this super painting of a dog, with the cutest of eyes able to warm and melt any heart. Mia wants us to know that the Messy Church members are thinking of us all and hope we're ok; as she says in her message "I hope you are not too worried about everything happening and I am sorry that many of you are isolated. Things will improve soon.’


Thanks Mia and Asia, your paintings are Brill! I'm sure everyone agrees both of you are very talented artists and have really cheered us up, thank you, Barry


For advice about Covid-19 click the Church of England link below
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have said it is now necessary to put public services on hold and to close our churches until further notice. But they said that far from having to “shutup shop”, the Church of England needs to face the challenge by becoming a radically different kind of church rooted in prayer and serving others. It comes after the Government announced unprecedented peacetime measures to try to control the spread of the virus, with restrictions on public gatherings, transport and working.

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The Chairman's Report 2020

St Mary’s Church is a CoE parish within the Diocese of Durham. We are here for all the people of Whickham in a variety of ways. We are of the community, for the good of the community. We have been at the heart of Whickham for nine hundred years. We believe our Christian Faith offers hope for the world. Here you will find out who we are and what we do. As followers of Jesus, we commit ourselves to sharing our faith that all might find abundant life and blessing in His name.

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The Parochial Church Council have adopted and are following the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy for Adults, Children and Young People.  All our policies and associated guidance have been adopted, and can be viewed and downloaded from our Policies page. Please click here. Further contact information will be added to our home page in due course. In the meantime should you have any safeguarding issues please contact out our Rector, The Revd Barry Abbott on 0191 488 7397 or our Parish Safeguarding Officer Mrs Carole Dixon available through the Parish Office on 0191 488 1553.

If you still have questions check out our contact details or visit us at the St Mary's Centre, Church Chare, Whickham, NE16 4SH Mon - Fri 9am - 12noon. There are good car parks situated behind the Front Street shops with several paths connecting to both Front Street and Church Chare. The distance should be no more than a 5 minute walk. Please note the car parks operate on a Pay & Display basis and depending on the time of day a small charge may be required.